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I co-scope challenges with project sponsors, engage stakeholders to understand all points of view, highlight insights to reframe perspectives, generate alternative solutions and find moments to test ideas, iterate, build in feedback loops and develop plans of action to execute on ideas. Currently I am an experience designer for Kaiser Permanente. Previously, I was the Associate Director of Design for America where under my leadership the program grew from 40 college students at one university to 1,000 students at 29 universities throughout the US where interdisciplinary teams used creative problem solving for local and social good. My past work and students have been discussed in publications and blogs such as Fast Company, Chicago Tribune, Inc Magazine, Huffington Post, Core77 and more. I have given talks at conferences such as TEDx, IDSA, IxDA, Better Word by Design, and given workshops at college campuses across the country. I earned my masters in Organizational Change from Northwestern University and a BFA in industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design and have taught design and engineering at both universities.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Cardboard is a material with great potential. This series of projects, done at separate times, aim to explore cardboard in unconventional applications. Figure 1 is a personal project using cardboard as a textile for handbags, hand sewn and lined with colored paper. Figure 2 is a timeline of the history of cardboard within cardboard packaging. Figure 3 is a one day group project making a lamp only out of cardboard and a light bulb. The design of this lamp is to avoid direct light from every angle.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

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Protected Jewel Ring

This silver hollow ring has a hidden compartment to protect something of value. The internal structure is moveable; while worn, an empty square appears, when off, the jewel is
revealed, enabling the wearer to decide when or when not to reveal their valuables.

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Topo Bracelet

This sculptural bracelet is a topographic map of Rhode Island’s Blackstone River Valley: Providence and Pawtucket. Within the map, I and RISD are plotted as indicated by a

This project explores various techniques to achieve its desired effect by engraving topo lines and filling them solder, then heating the copper to get a discoloration to mimic aerial photographs.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Room Divider

While apprenticing in Mexico the parameters of this four week project were to use only scraps of wood and minimal amounts of glue. The design evolves from chaos to order or order to chaos, with a rigid form and square on one side, to more elaborate columns and visual lack of support on the other.
Each column of scraps is hinged and movable, creating an interactive room divider.

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